Friday, September 20, 2013

Well the 2013 Bikini Season is over, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't still be thinking Bikini!

Sure the weather is getting cooler and the sun is getting to the point that it's intensity is less than optimal for that perfect tan.  However, it will only be a few short months before it is time to think about those awesome times at the pool or beach.  Actually now is the best time to get all your ducks in a row to assure that your next Bikini Season is the best ever.  Here are something I like to do this time of the year.

(1)  Now is the BEST time to be looking at swimwear.  YES NOW!  Most companies are getting ready for the slow months and discounting this years suits to a point you don't want to miss out.  Sure if you are one of those that likes the latest and newest suits for the new season I understand you will wait for the months to come.  But it is a great time to get a few backup suits.  I always have several suits when I plan a vacation.  Ok, so I am extreme when it comes to suits and I am sure many of you are also.  No one can tell me that they buy one suit and they know it will fit their mood and needs for a whole vacation.  My rule of thumb is to have a different suit for each day I am away.  Then I have many to pick from each day.  The best places I find to buy and get the best bang for my buck is Ebay.  As the months go on and the weather gets colder, the deals will be better and better.  If you like a certain color on you, you can set up a search on Ebay that emails you when a new suit or suits become available.  You will be amazed at the money you can save.  And really think about it "How much do suits really change from year to year?"

Another place I like to look is specific companies that make only swimwear.  They always have great sales and specials to make room for the new line.  I signup for news letters on these sites.  This way, sure you have to sift through your email, but I have gotten some GREAT deals by an email flyer.

Check clearance sales at such stores as Macy's, JC Penny, Sears, etc.  One year my wife and I bought woman's swimsuits for $1.00 each on clearence at JC Penny and turned around and sold them on Ebay for half of their original ticket price and still made over a 1200 percent return on our investment and paid for our entire vacation just because we were smart and took the few minutes to look.

(2)  The second thing to think about is that just because we don't need to look good in a skimpy bikini now, doesn't mean we won't need to in a few months.  To many people think, hey I am wearing thicker, heavier, bigger clothes for the colder months so why not treat mayself and eat whatever I want.  Great thought, but before you know it you have put on weight that is very hard to loose.  Then you go into the holiday months and say what the hell Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, etc, only come once a year.  They sure do and at the other side of those holidays come the time to think about what?  SUMMER!!!  Yep, and what do we do in Summer?  We wear bathing suits.  See how it works?  So now is the time to take it easy on the calorie intake.  I always go on a diet before the holidays and try to take off 10-15 pounds.  This way I can have fun and eat pretty much what I want for those special occasions and when the New Year hits, I am in good shape to think about the up comming Summer.

(3)  Continue your gym time or workout time always!  There should never be a time to slack when it comes to your health and fitness.  If you work hard now, you won't find yourself feeling guilty you are not going to the gym at the hotel on your vacation. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

I have to mention this swimsuit maker from Thailand, Gabriel Homme...Great Male Swimwear at prices that are one quarter the price of others

you would buy anywhere else and the shipping is FREE!!!  Takes a couple of weeks to get them, but well wor the wait.  All have a lining in the front to protect your modesty.  Here are just a few pictures of this years line:


Ok, now that you have seen them, what do you think???
and they are only
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